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Inside Ligament Sprains – Why They are so Painful and Hard to Fix

Joseph Coupal Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Today, Dr. Hernandez focuses on the topic of inside ligament sprains. We invite you to listen and read along with Dr. Hernandez as he discusses this subject and provides insight about how chiropractic treatment can offer the most expedited path to healing inside ligament sprains. We take this moment to inform you that Life Chiropractic here in North Bergen, NJ treats a host of various sports injuries as well as a long list of back and neck injuries. Of course, we invite you to contact us anytime to learn the specifics of our approach to treat your specific ankle injury. Now, on to Dr. Hernandez’s video.

Alright everyone, Dr. Alex Fernandez here from Life Chiropractic and Acupuncture. What I want to discuss today is the common inside ligament sprain. In a previous video I talked about the outside sprain, which is the very common one. And today I want to talk about this inside ligament sprain. This is not as common, but it’s very painful. And basically, what happens is, let’s say you’re playing soccer and you decide to kick the ball and your ankle rolls inward. OK, so this is the inside ankle sprain. When you roll inward, you actually sprain one of the big ligaments here in the ankle - which, we’re going to look at in this poster. It’s very clear, this white ligament. This is part of the deltoid ligament. You have one right behind it, which is the posterior tibiotalar ligament. And then you have one more in this area.

Now, a very big, very strong ligament, and it does take a lot of energy to sprain your ankle this way. You got the calf muscles, they’re going to protect you, but the mechanism of this is similar to the one where you roll your ankle upward. And basically, what happens, once again, you have all the ligament fibers that are nicely in place. When you roll your ankle in, the ligament stretches, and it sprains, and then the fibers will pull out. Once again, if you leave your ankle to heal this way, it will become a weak ankle, and this is where the myth and where everything people say once you sprain an ankle, you sprain it over and over and over again. The reason for that is if you did not correct it, you left it this way, and now you’re walking around with a weak leg and with a weak ankle which you can sprain very easy the next time around.

So, on the next video I will show you exactly how to fix this injury so you can get back to playing the game that you love or the sport that you love.

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