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Sports Injury Care - North Bergen, NJ

Hi, my name is Dr. Alex Hernandez and I'm a chiropractor and I specialized in sports injury. Let me tell you why I specialized in sports injury. I've been a lifelong athlete, I've been a runner pretty much my whole life, I've been a soccer player, I played baseball as well, so I have a lot of personal experience on sports. And me, myself I've sustained many sports injuries including a hamstring pull, I tore one of my tendons completely, I injured my calf, I've injured my knee, shoulder, pretty much any kind of sports injury I've had it. And it's always as an athlete trying to get back to the sport that you enjoy doing trying to get back to the sport that you love. So I've taken it upon myself to really get myself educated on how to.

First, of all recognize these injuries and then second, what is the best and fastest method on how to heal from your injuries. So, along the journey I've taken lots of continuing education and some of the techniques that we employed here is we use laser therapy. We use laser therapy for sports injuries and what we do with the laser is we target the ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints.

Many of the things, many of the tissues that get injured during a sports injury. We also use therapy balls for balance this is one of my favorite we use the bosu balance trainer as part of our rehab and we use it in a variety of ways to help injuries particularly for the ankle and for the knee. So, if you have a sports injury even if it's new if it's old we can help you. I've taking care injuries as long as 10 years old. The last one that I dealt with was 16 years so and then as freshman says two weeks. So I take care of many different injuries such:

  • Ankle Sprain
  • Knee Sprain
  • Shoulder Sprain
  • Rib Sprain
  • Hip Sprain
  • IT Band Syndrome

So if you have any kind of injury that is related to any sport that you do. Feel free to call me. Feel free to come and get a consultation. This might be an easy fix, it might be a medium fix, or it might be something that you need surgery for. I don't know, but let's give it a shot call my office and we'll see if we can help you thank you.

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