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Why Do We Get Headaches?

Joseph Coupal Thursday, August 15, 2019

Good morning, my name is Dr. Alex Hernandez, Chiropractor here at Life Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Today, we’re going to talk about headaches and the topic today is: "Why in the world am I getting all these headaches?"

So, we’re first going to show what happens in our computer program. There is a bundle of nerves in your neck, it goes to both the left and the right side. The bundle of nerves also shoots straight up, and they go into the head. So you've got nerves that control your face, you've got nerves that control the eyes, and you've got nerves that also control the functions in your brain.

Now, many people have headaches and they have no clue why in the world they’re getting them. People think that getting a headache two or three times a month is normal. No it’s not, headaches are not a normal thing. So we like to find out the cause of headaches. And one of the things that we’ve studied is what is happening with the neck.

I’m going show you a pretty bad x-ray of a patient who has had a lot of headaches for many, many years. We decided to take an x-ray of his neck, here’s his head, these are the bones, this is the clavicle. And obviously you can see here that this neck is not straight. The green line is where the neck is supposed to be, and the red line is where this patient’s bones in the neck are. You can see it’s really, really out of the line. There are eight bones shifted out of place. If you walk around with a neck like this, you’re bound to experience a lot of neck pain and a lot of headaches.

So, as a chiropractor we are trained to detect and find out the cause of these headaches. In research studies, about 83% of headaches are caused because of neck problems. This examples classifies as one of those. So what we do here at our office is we help to realign these bones. Once we realign the bones to the center, then these nerves can communicate properly across the neck and through the brain.

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