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Is Chiropractic Care Proven?

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Good morning everyone. Dr. Alex Hernandez here, Life Chiropractic and Acupuncture in North Bergen. I want to address a great question that was asked on the website again.

Is chiropractic care scientifically proven?

I will answer that with a resounding “Yes”. It’s very simple. Actually, chiropractic care is very, very simple. So I’m going to explain it in less than a minute.

Alright, so here we have the spine. The spine from the front is nice and straight, and from the side there are three curves: one in the neck; one in the mid back; and one in the low back, those are the main curves. This is the way that the spine is supposed to look.

In a normal spine, we look to make sure that everything is in proper alignment, and when everything is in proper alignment, the nerves are allowed to flow properly to the left and to the right. Those nerves feed muscles, as we’ve spoken about in the past. When the nerves are compromised, when the nerves are pinched this is because the bones have gone out of alignment. This is very simple, it is scientifically proven, we just have to look at the simplicity of what normal is and what normal isn’t. So when the spine is out of alignment, that’s not normal. When the spine is back in alignment that is normal.

So our job as Chiropractors is to have a look, let’s look at the spine, let’s take some x-rays, let’s find out what’s going on, let’s see if your spine is in alignment and if it isn’t, what are the steps that we need to take in order to bring it back to alignment. So that’s a very simple answer.

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