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How to Use A Vacuum Cleaner Properly

Monday, October 05, 2020

My name is Dr. Alex Hernandez, Chiropractor from Life Chiropractic and Acupuncture in North Bergen. I have Janelle, my office manager, and today we’re going to talk about something simple that people do every week: vacuuming. We’re going to show you the wrong way to vacuum and the right way to vacuum. The importance of this is how you can protect yourself so you don't hurt yourself doing something as simple as vacuuming.

So Janelle, go ahead and show them how people vacuum on a day to day basis, they do it wrong, and they don’t know that over-time they can get hurt. So let’s demonstrate what people typically do: they bend their back, they twist, they go one way or another and try to go around the wall, they try to extend the cord. What they’re doing is creating repetitive stress in the low back that can cause you to get hurt over-time. If you are vacuuming this way, you are setting yourself up to get back pain.

Okay Janelle, now let’s show them the appropriate way to vacuum so that they don’t hurt their back. Alright, basically you’re going to walk behind the vacuum. Alright so her back is a bit more straight, she’s following the vacuum, and she’s not rushing. A lot of times people try to get the work out of the way. If you have to go around the corner, you actually move your whole body and follow through.

This is the correct way to vacuum, this is how you’re going to protect yourself. If you need any more information, contact us.

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