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Evaluating Abnormal Motions Of The Neck

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Dr. Alex Hernandez here and we’re going to discuss abnormal motion of the neck. Janelle is going to show us what bad range of motion looks like. Some people come into our office experiencing neck pain. Some motion is very limited when trying to touch chin to chest. If there’s pain there, you've got a neck problem.

Some of our patients come in here with a bad neck extension problem. The neck gets very stiff, they grimace, they have pain, they have discomfort, or they even feel some grinding and cracking which is not a good sign.

Some patients come in with poor neck rotation, they can turn their neck all the way from side to side, some have about 30% of the normal motion.

With the ear to the shoulder motion, people will usually get stuck or they’ll actually try to cheat; that’s when you know that there’s a neck problem as well. Some people will say that they feel some grinding, some cracking, that's not good, that’s your joints rubbing against each other.

This is something easy that you can do at home, you can test yourself out if you feel pain and discomfort with any of these motions you know you have a problem with your neck. It’s not going to get any better unless you get it checked. We will do a proper evaluation, we will tell you exactly what’s wrong, and then we will give you a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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