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Digital vs. Conventional X-Ray, What’s The Difference?

Monday, August 02, 2021

Today at Life Chiropractic and Acupuncture I want to compare the digital x-ray vs. conventional x-ray. So why is digital x-ray better than conventional x-ray? This is our old conventional x-ray, if you look here at this view box, in the past, we had this film and it produced decent images. Now that I’ve been using digital x-ray, it definitely makes a difference.

There are advantages. I have a digital x-ray opened up here. I can do many things with this image. The one great benefit is that I can zoom in to any of these images. Right here I have a thoracic spine image and I can really zoom in all the way. I can’t do that with a conventional x-ray. One of the other things that I enjoy about this program is that I can change the contrast, so I can really see the lung spaces. It gives me another view. Again, something that I can’t do with the conventional x-ray.

This is not to say that conventional x-ray is bad, it’s fine, but now you should be getting digital x-rays in most places. Most hospitals have them, and they give you high quality, crisp images. Another thing that we can do is we can turn this x-ray as much as I want. When people come in with images from other places, I can just basically turn them so I can see exactly what I need to see, I can invert them, I can also write text, I can write lines, I can take measurements, I can take degrees. So there’s a lot of things that we can do with digital x-ray.

Another of the benefits is that we can print out a nice 8.5x11 for you and we can put them in a CD for you, something that we can’t do with a conventional x-ray.

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