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Heal & Relax with Cupping Therapy

Life Chiropractic & Acupuncture

We received great feedback on our January blog post about “Cupping Therapy” and how it differs from acupuncture. Based on feedback, today we continue the education about cupping therapy and why it proves to be so effective.

Cupping by an acupuncturist is an ancient form of alternative medicine and it is offered here in North Bergen's Life Chiropractic & Acupuncture. It involves placing glass or plastic cups on the skin to create suction, which is believed to promote healing and relaxation. Cupping is said to increase blood circulation to the area, reduce inflammation and stimulate the flow of energy.

Cupping is most commonly used for pain relief, but it can also be beneficial for other conditions such as respiratory issues, digestive issues and musculoskeletal problems. It is especially effective for pain relief, as the suction generated by the cups can help loosen tight muscles, relieve tension, and reduce inflammation. This technique is also used to treat respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis.

The suction created by the cups can help open up the airways, increasing air flow and making breathing easier. For digestive issues, Cupping therapy is believed to help improve digestion by stimulating the digestive organs and increasing blood flow to the area. It is also thought to stimulate the release of toxins, which can help reduce bloating and other digestive issues. Cupping is also used to treat musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. The suction created by the cups can help loosen tight muscles and reduce inflammation, relieving pain and improving range of motion.

Overall, cupping therapy by an acupuncturist can be beneficial for a wide variety of conditions. It is a safe, non-invasive treatment that is often used to relieve pain and promote healing. If you want to try this healing technique, contact Life Chiropractic & Acupuncture.

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