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Discover the Healing Potential of Cold Laser Therapy

Hello everyone. Dr. Alex Hernandez, the chiropractor from North Bergen. Today, I'm gonna talk about laser therapy.

At our office, one of the awesome instruments that we have is our laser, and laser therapy has been around, it's not new, it's been around for a long time. There's a variety of lasers, there's lasers for surgery. The type of laser that we use is what we classify as a cold laser, and it's cold. It's classified as cold because it's not heat generating and it's not used for surgery. It's used for treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, and we're gonna look at what this laser does.

I use the Erchonia laser, it's an awesome brand. It's been around for a long time, a fantastic product. So, the laser basically has several lights that penetrate and there's different frequencies that we could use depending on what the problem is. So, very, very simple here. We can look at this laser, how it penetrates into my finger here and you can see that it's pretty deep penetrating. So it's gonna attack all of the tissues that are injured, all of the area that is swollen, so we're gonna see a good penetration of this laser.

Now, how do I use the laser? For example, let's say I'm treating my runner who has a hamstring injury. Aside from doing soft tissue treatments, we're gonna laser the area that's injured. And what is the laser really gonna do? What is this light gonna do? So this is gonna penetrate deep into the areas of the cells, it's gonna provide more energy so that the cells can heal faster. And that's the basic simple effect, there's a whole other physics and electrons, and I can talk about all that, but at the end of the day, this light is penetrating into all of the injured areas to allow the cells to have more energy so that you can heal faster. So we use it for hamstring injuries, we can use it for the calves, we can use it for the quads, we could use it for all kinds of tendons in the wrist, we could use it in the biceps, the trapezius muscles in the back area, and that's how we use the laser therapy.

So at our office, if you have any kind of sports injury, we combine it with our soft tissue treatment and laser therapy. Laser therapy, the most important thing is to make sure that we are at the right wavelength. The wavelength for healing is somewhere between 635, 638 nanometers, and this laser is programmed exactly there, 635 nanometers, which is where healing happens when you're using laser therapy.

So if you have any kind of sports injury, any musculoskeletal issues, laser therapy is an awesome tool that we use at our office. Thank you so much.

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