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Amazing Chiropractor and Staff: Exceptional Feedback from A Grateful Patient

Life Chiropractic & Acupuntcure - Therapy Area

We are delighted to share a heartwarming testimonial from one of our patients that underscores the exceptional care and dedication provided by our healthcare team. Mr. Alex S. experienced our services and took the time to express his gratitude for the outstanding support he received during his journey to recovery.

"I'm sorry it's taken me so long to provide a review and testimonial. Amazing Chiropractor and staff! Dr. Hernandez and his staff truly care about their patients. Dr. Alex fixed my stiff neck and back in 2012, in time for me to go on a backpacking trip. I’ve been going for once-monthly maintenance ever since. Anytime I aggravate the back or neck (strenuous snow shoveling, bad sleep position, car accident), Dr. Hernandez comes through with effective treatment. Even if you think you don’t need a spinal adjustment, get a checkup with Dr. Alex to see what little misalignment you might have that could use an adjustment and save you future pain or discomfort. Very impressive that Dr. Hernandez and his staff are fluent in Spanish and English (and maybe some Portuguese?). The Acupuncturist was also very helpful after a serious car accident, and I’ll be starting acupuncture at Life Chiropractic this week for tennis elbow." - Alex S.

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