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After my first treatment I noticed a huge difference in mobility. My back is not as tight and I’m able to hold better posture. His exam was very thorough and he explained everything in great detail prior to the treatment. It’s obvious that Dr. Hernandez truly cares about his patients. He also recommended I receive acupuncture treatment after my second session and my discomfort went from minimal after my first chiropractic adjustment to near 0. I highly recommend this office if you are in need of not only pain management but an overall boost to your health and well-being. Very pleased.

Joseph D.

Great service! This office definitely lives up to your expectations. There’s not a day that you won’t feel by them. Also the doctors are pretty skilled and knowledgeable. A few months ago I got into a car accident, damaged my neck and back. Thanks to them it’s been able to heal, giving me an excellent result. I highly recommend them!

Alberto C.

An amiable and professional environment. Strongly recommend if you are looking for a healthy recovery.

Jesus T.

Great people that truly care about your well being.


Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful awesome place to go to for any physical pain they will get you back to 100%

Jtsm S.

I absolutely LOVE this office and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! They truly make you feel right at home and like family. The girls in the office are all the sweetest and extremely helpful and Dr. Alex the chiropractor is the BEST. They all take their time listening to all your questions and concerns and are very accommodating. I came here for my scoliosis and increased neck pain and have almost finished my treatment with so much self awareness and knowledge on stretches and things I can do at home to improve posture and decrease pain. Thanks to this office I’m pain free and very happy! If your looking for a chiro look no more this is the place for you!!!


2 best doctors in the world ,Dr Alex Hernandez and Dr. Monika. Love my chiropractic adjustments and relaxing acupuncture sessions. Thank you for taking good care of me. :)

Destiny’s Daily Life

Dr. Hernandez and his team are the best!!! Not only are they professional and knowledgeable but also attentive. They nurture each patient’s needs as individuals and take special notice in improving their conditions. My experience here as a patient was nothing but pleasant. I attended for both chiropractic and acupuncture approximately 6 consecutive months which was 100% alleviating. Along with a good morning smile each day came relief from all of the treatment. All in all, it was an overall great experience, and I won’t doubt coming back!!! THANK YOU !

Karen R.

I love the staff, very kind and helpful. The rehab helped to straighten my spine and to teach me important stretches for my back. The ladies are all very nice and welcoming. Dr. Hernandez did a great job with giving adjustments and is generally a caring person. I also did a few acupuncture sessions with Monika and she was very nice. Overall a great experience at this establishment, I definitely recommend.

Christina D.L.

As a first time patient for acupuncture this place was amazing. Very inviting and professional, the staff was very courteous and attentive. Dr.Monika was great and I left the office feeling great. If you suffer from back pain this is definitely the place to go!

Alex Grave D.

Monika Gajiwala and Dr Alex Hernandez of Life Chiropractic & Acupunture are the best. The staff are always friendly. The office is warm, inviting and relaxing.

Rafael Ingrid D.

Dr. Monika thank you so much for all you do for me! Dr. Alex and Dr. Monika are exceptionally professional, I love the care and effort they put on my case (it is not an easy one) and I see how much interested they are in the well being of others.

Diana G.

The acupuncture specialist does wonders in their craft! When I first went to them, I'll admit I went rather nervous with the idea of sticking needles in my body, no to mention that I was vexation of muscle tightness all around my neck and shoulder; but with an inviting personality and consoling presence, I quickly adjusted to my treatment. Months later and my muscle tightness in my neck and shoulder has suppressed into an acute occurrence, a huge contrast from the consistent, daily aches that I used to have. If you're looking for a sure recovery, this is the place to go!

Hector H.

I was recovering from an achilles tendon problem on my right leg, which led to a bone spur. Dr. Hernandez and the acupuncture team basically got me into good health and running again. I would definitely recommend acupuncture from anyone suffering from chronic tendon or soft tissue injuries.

Venkat R.

I highly recommend the Dr. Hernandez office and the acupuncture therapy given for Dr. Mónika, she's very professional, kind, a nice person, they're Angels hands. I've been trying a couple of acupuncture places, but never like this. I'm so glad and happy to be a patient of this place. God bless all of them.

Saibeth A.

Excellent Doctors and excellent staff. I was in a terrible pain , I couldn't sleep or even seat . After my 3rd. visit I was able to stop taking painkillers. The Dr. Monika Gajiwala is so nice and knowledgeable. She really know everything about acupuncture. I recommend Dr.Fernandez and Dr. Gajiwala to anyone in need of real relief to their pain and injuries.

Rafael O.

Excellent place, Dr. Monika is caring with the patients. I have been looking for a good place. I'm really recommend you t visit Dr. Monika for acupuncture.

Vanessa Precilla C.

I had blood circulation problems and knee pain for 12 years. Acupuncture was different, I didn't do it long enough to say it helped me. Acupuncture really was helpful for me.

I had very tight calves and low back pain. I love acupuncture it really helped to loosen up that tightness in my hurting areas. I really highly recommend acupuncture. !!!

Edwin Flores

I have various problems with my low back right after I was hit by a truck in 2010 as pedestrian. Acupuncture helped me tremendously in mind, body and spirit, all my pain was relieved and I felt relaxed. I truly believe in acupuncture better than pain medicine.

Maureen Dee

Life Chiropractic and Acupuncture - Acupuncture

My problems were headaches over 10 years and back pain. At first my impression was scary but it was pleasant and headaches are much less. I would recommend it because it works acupuncture helped to release my trigger points and eased my back pain and headaches it really helped me to relax.

Doraine Francisco

I had upper and lower back pain, neck pain for about 1 year. The very first time I did it and I did not go as had hoped. Being that it was my first time doing it and the fact that I am afraid of needles, i failed to communicate this with the acupuncturist, I failed to follow her instructions so, I was unable to relax. However, the second time I did it, I was able to relax and follow the acupuncturist instructions, so I was able to enjoy my second session. These sessions have helped me with my pain as well as time to just relax after a long day. My overall experience has been great. The acupuncturist is very understanding and has helped overcome my fear of needles. I would recommend it to friends, family and co-workers.

Milghian Velasquez

I had stiff low back couple of times and knee pain for 2 months. My first impression was very relaxing and the results were very fast. Acupuncture gives me instant relief whether it's a headache, back pain or sleepless night issue. I enjoyed the experience because it helps with many different types of issues not just back pain. It is also a very relaxing ( zen) experience.

Luisa Delgado